SVA ecommerce

Welcome to SVA ecommerce. We are pleased to launch our new website. Our aim is simple – make ecommerce easy. We do this by providing all the elements that make up an ecommerce website such as hosting, software, design, marketing and delivering it to our clients in a simple solution fit for them.

In 1998 a small boutique creative advertising agency, Silicon Visions Advertising (SVA) opened its doors to servicing medium and large clients. A rich history in managing brand equity of some of Australia's most successful businesses, SVA believed in a philosophy that brands are in a perpetual motion of change, which was summed up by the phrase “change is inevitable” that appeared in the opening of every creative pitch ever conducted by the agency.

Change is at the forefront of our thinking and identifying emerging opportunities for our clients brands lead us to the online landscape in 2004 where we managed the brand extension of one of Australia’s leading electronics brands, TDK to extend their brand presence online. With the foreword thinking that consumers would reshape the way they interact with brands and the channels they would use we set out to position ourselves as the experts in online , and our client’s brands as the leaders in online media. After a long six years SVA ecommerce emerged as a standalone business that set out in providing ecommerce solutions to business of all sizes.

How we did it

Our strategy in delivering the best ecommerce solution is simple, take fast Australian hosting, run the worlds leading ecommerce platform Magento and add stylish designs, and then make it available to anyone considering ecommerce at any budget. Whether you are a hobbyist who wants to setup an online store or a international brand that wants to maximise the digital channel, we can help your business succeed.