Mobile ecommerce - a rising trend

Mobile ecommerce is one of the most exciting trends happening in ecommerce today. Over 100 million people will be using an iPhone by the end of 2011, and Australia represents the highest iPhone user per capita in the world, even more than the US. It’s undoubtable the time to take your brand mobile, and we have the best platform for increasing your brand presence and utilising this new sales channel.

The problem faced by most ecommerce sites is that they are designed for a regular screen, and when viewed on a small screen its tricky to see products, categories or navigate around the screen.
It makes shopping online feel difficult.

Introducing our Mobile Themes

That’s why we have developed our mobile theme add-on and made it affordable to all our clients at just $750. With this great feature your ecommerce site will detect an iPhone user and show them an optimised design that displays your catalogue in an amazing layout that maximises the use of the small screen and makes shopping online as simple as it should be.

The home page removes large images and heavy content to emphasis the categories and make finding products easy. The checkout form is presented neatly within the width of a Smartphone. This allows for all fields to be visible and easily entered into. The category layout positions the product image and description as the focal point with a clean design and easy navigation.

The next level… Mobile App

We are always looking for ways to push the boundary and lead the way in ecommerce in Australia, so we want to share with you our next development in mobile ecommerce – your store available in an iPhone application downloadable in the iTunes store!

Make your full catalogue viewing in a beautifully designed iphone app that makes the buying experience seamless, without having to leave the app to complete your purchase and payment.